Jul 26, 2014

Travel Pillow

One of these little pillows makes any trip more pleasant. You can use one to catch a few winks on a plane or put behind your back when it's tired from driving.

They're not just for travel, of course:
  • Send your college student off with one. Make the pillow case in school colors. 
  • These smaller pillows are just the right size for kids to take to day care for nap time. 
  • Expectant mommies love these to prop legs and knees to get comfortable at night.
The finished size of these pillows is 18" X 12", and the pillow cases are made to fit them. This size pillow is also a common size that you can purchase ready-made, so you can make the pillow case to fit a purchased pillow form if you'd like.

My mom wanted one. I put a ruffle on hers...

...and used pink gingham for the body of the pillow.

You'll need about a little less than a half yard of 45" fabric for the pillow.

1. To make the pillow, cut 2 rectangles, 19" X 13" each.
2. Right sides together, and using a 1/2" seam, sew three sides together, leaving one 13" side open. Finish the raw edges of the three sewn sides with zigzag stitching if desired.
3. Clip the two sewn corners. Press seams open. Press under 1/2" of the unsewn edge.
4. Turn pillow right side out, and stuff to your desired firmness with polyester filling. I use about 6 ounces per pillow.
5. Your open seam should have 1/2" pressed under from step 3. Put these edges together and pin. Stitching close to the edge, sew the edges together. You could also slip stitch this closed by hand if you'd like. Your pillow is done! Now make a cute pillow case for it.

Step 5: Stuff pillow, then sew the open end closed.

Pillow Case
You'll need about a half yard of 45" fabric for the pillow case.

1. Lay out your fabric and fold with selvages together (this is probably how it was cut from the bolt). Cut a piece 13.5" wide:

How your cut will look with actual fabric. You can get 3 pillow cases from about 1.25 yards of fabric.

2. You now have a piece of fabric that is 13.5" wide and about 44" long. Fold with right sides together.
3. Using a 1/4" seam, sew the two longer sides closed. Finish the raw edges with zigzag stitching.
4. You now have one edge open. This is where the pillow will go in. Press under 1/2", then another 1". Stitch close to the edge. Turn right side out and press. You now have a great new pillow case for your travel pillow!

Finished side seam and hem, steps 3 and 4.

Goin' out west?

Pack your bags!

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Jul 21, 2014

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Jul 13, 2014

Bib and Burp Cloth Set

Another grandbaby is coming in a few months, and I am sewing a few things for him. When his big brother came along almost two years ago, I sewed several burp cloths made from cloth diapers (I'm sure you've seen ones like them all over Pinterest). They were his mom's favorite ones to have handy- bigger and more absorbent than many of the others she had tried.

This time, I added a matching bib to one of the burp cloths. I love the way it turned out, and I thought you might like to see it, too.

I found the bib pattern at Haberdasheryfun.com, and the template for the tie at Freetimefrolics.com. Both are free printables. Thank you, ladies!

Wash and dry your fabric and diapers- you want everything to shrink now, not after. Make the bib according to the directions at Haberdashery.com (I used flannel front and back), then cut out a tie shape from a contrasting color. You can sew it to the bib like Freetimefrolics sewed hers (hemming the edges and attaching with a straight stitch), or I attached my tie with a small zigzag stitch around all the raw edges.

For the burp cloth:
You'll need prefolded cloth diapers and flannel fabric. Wash and dry all.

  1. Cut a long rectangle of flannel, 4 and 3/4" by 18 and 1/2". 
  2. Press under 1/4" on all sides. 
  3. For the applique (in this case, a dump truck!): Cut a 2 and 1/2" by 2 and 3/4" piece of flannel and sew it on to one end of the long flannel rectangle, stitching around all sides of the raw edges of the applique with a small zigzag stitch. (You could make this applique any size or shape or color you want. I have done squares, circles, hearts, and even owl shapes).
  4. Center the flannel rectangle, right side up, onto the middle of the diaper. Cloth diapers tend to vary a little around the edges, so you may have to fold the short ends of the rectangle under a little more. Stitch around all edges of the flannel rectangle with a small zigzag stitch. You can do this without a walking foot, but it goes more easily and smoothly with a walking foot. 
Once you start making these, you can't stop :)

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